When I create a report it shows something that is not part of the dashboard

Hi, when I create a report it shows this box (Save session Manage sessions) that is not part of the dashboard


how can I avoid this?

Interesting I cant replicate it. Which kibana version are you using?


I create the reports with a bash script, in the POST URL there is a filter like:


In the script I have an array of host that feeds that filter, maybe that filter interfere when the screen is captured?

what if I use the search bar instead? is more faster than the filter?

the reports are in PDF by the way.

I dont think so, this should not be part of the report regardless how you generate it (unless I am missing something)

If you create the report manually from the Share menu do you also see the Manage search sessions popover?

Yes, using filter and search bar

In PNG also show that, But in a slightly different place, it cover the name of the vizualization

@Stratoula_Kalafateli is the length of the dashboard, I delete some visualizations the bottom and I got this:

I need to show all the visualization in one page, any configuration relative to size/length to get rid of the box, thats comes to mind?

So I use optimize for printing and this is the message that is showing:

to get rid of the message I have to put this setting in kibana.yml
xpack.data_enhanced.search.sessions.enabled: false
I dont know how this will affect kibana but it works.

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