Date histogram + global time filter

(Akhilkumar S) #1

I am new to Kibana.

I have elastic search index having 3 timestamp fields as below.

{ "current_timestap": "2015-10-01 06:10:10", "order_timestamp": "2015-09-01 06:10:10", "invoice_timestamp": "2015-09-07 06:10:10","order_id":1}
{ "current_timestap": "2015-10-01 06:30:10", "order_timestamp": "2015-09-02 06:10:10", "invoice_timestamp": "2015-09-10 06:10:10" ,"order_id":2}
{ "current_timestap": "2015-10-01 06:50:10", "order_timestamp": "2015-09-30 06:10:10", "invoice_timestamp": "2015-10-01 06:10:10","order_id":1}

Note current_timestap is document created time stamp in elastic search.
order_timestamp - order placed timestamp.
invoice_timestamp - invoice geneated timestamp

While configuring index pattern in Kibana I used current_timestamp field as time field event(global time filter).

Now I need two line charts which shows order submission rate and invoice rate. While creating line chart, selected the following options.
X axis - Data histogram
Field - order_timestamp
interval - 1 hour

The graph is plotting good.

Now my concern in with global filter(based on current_timestamp). The problem is if I select last 15 minutes,the order order submission rate graph may have old data. For example If have orders which are older than 15 mintues, but document got create in last 15 minutes that record will come in the graph.

Actually I expect the graph to show only orders which are created in last 15 minutes(order_timestamp). Similar the case with invoice rate graph also.

Am I doing something wrong here?

(Jim Unger) #2

Let me rephrase the issue to see if I understand this correctly.


  1. You have an index that has three different timestamp fields.
  2. You want a visualization for each of these three timestamp fields that aggregate data according to the respective field.
  3. You want the timepicker at the top of kibana to affect the respective timestamp field in each visualization.


  1. The timepicker only affects the field specified as Time-field of the index pattern in kibana.

Suggested Solution:

  1. Create multiple index-patterns in kibana.
    a. create an alias for your index per timestamp field in elasticsearch
  2. Build a visualization for each timestamp field using their respective index-patterns
  3. Include all three visualizations on a dashboard to have the time picker affect them all according to their respective timestamp fields

Let me know if this helps, or if I was working off of any incorrect assumptions.

Kibana5 only allows to create historgram based on the date field you chose when the index was created
(Akhilkumar S) #3

This worked :slight_smile: Thanks a lot BigFunger

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