Deployment of ElasticCloud turned pending status suddenly

I am using ElasticCloud v.7.12.1 and it's status suddenly turned pending status.

Why does that happen and not able to access Kibana during that time?

This is the Summary of Activity during the time of pending.
Additionally, the same thing happened to the other deployment of v.7.17.0.

Remove http.cors_enabled
Remove http.cors_allow_credentials
Remove http.cors_max_age
Remove http.compression
Remove monitoring_history_duration
Remove monitoring_collection_interval
Remove destructive_requires_name
Remove auto_create_index
Remove scripting.inline.enabled
Remove scripting.stored.enabled
Restore last successful snapshot
Skip snapshot before applying deployment configuration change
Don't attempt to gracefully move shards
Keep nodes in maintenance mode until configuration changes have been completed
Move nodes off of allocator [i-xxxxxx] due to routine system maintenance
Grow and shrink 

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