Elastic Endgame Sensor

I have been attempting to deploy a sensor but every time I try to in the command prompt it says it cannot be found. I am not sure if I am putting the information in wrong.

What command are you using?

I am at the administrator command prompt part where you change the directory into the Windows folder of the directory you previously extracted. The command reads:

cd C:\Users\trainee\Downloads\SensorInstaller-Demo\windows>SensorWindowsInstaller-Demo.exe -c SensorWindowsInstaller-Demo.cfg -k BDE27DC5A3CA4D8B1623 -d false -l install.log

When I press enter I get, "The system cannot find the path specified."

Not sure if I am reading the instructions wrong on how to input it.

That should be two commands. The first is the CD (Change Directory) command into your path where the sensor was downloaded to -

cd C:\Users\trainee\Downloads\SensorInstaller-Demo\windows

The second command should be your install referencing your config -

SensorWindowsInstaller-Demo.exe -c SensorWindowsInstaller-Demo.cfg -k BDE27DC5A3CA4D8B1623 -d false -l install.log

In your example it looks like you were trying to combine the "cd" and execution which caused the "cd" command to look for a path that was equal to the sensor install command, which would not exist.

I put in the command prompt

cd C:\Users\trainee\Downloads\SensorInstaller-Demo\windows

Upon hitting enter I was given “the system cannot find the path specified.”

Sounds like you need to check where you downloaded the installer to and verify you can browse to the path. The "system can't find the path" error is a Windows error and not Elastic - it means the directory doesn't exist.

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