ELK setup

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Hi guys.. We have installed the ELK stack on one of our windows servers as per the instruction from https://ulyaoth.com/tutorials/how-to-install-elastic-stack-5-4-on-windows-server-2016/
and its successful and we can open the Kibana url with address http://localhost:5601 in web browser on that same server where this is installed. But we are unable to open this kibana URL in
any of other computers which are in the same network. somebody told us we can do it by doing some modifications in elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml so that we can access kibana on any computers in that network. But not sure how to do it. Please can some help us on this?

(Florian Kelbert) #2

For Elasticsearch, you might want to configure network.host. Please also refer to the Network settings documentation.

For Kibana, the setting you are looking for is server.host. See Kibana configuration.

(roopesh shetty) #3

thanks Fkelbert....we got it done..

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