Exporting a saved search to JSON file

I have seen many articles that instructs us to go to management -> Saved Object -> export from there. However, when I examine the exported JSON, it's completely different than my saved search results. Do you know why that is? or is there another method of exporting to JSON that accurately shows the saved search in one file.

Hey @soffonisol,

The export from the management screen exports the definition for the saved search, not the actual results of the search. If you want to export the results of the search, you can export as CSV from the "Share" menu:

Hello @Larry_Gregory , thank you for your response. It appears I don't have that CSV Reports under share category, instead I observe reporting in a different category.

Reporting to CSV is also failing because of the following error: Error: Failed to decrypt report job data. Please ensure that xpack.reporting.encryptionKey is set and re-generate this report

Is exporting in JSON format supported?

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