Hide inaccessible indices in Kibana Discover


I created an x-pack user with only access to index C (and role kibana_user).

When the user logs in in Kibana and opens Discover, he can see all indices A, B, C and D (but can see only logs from index C).

How can I (completely) hide indices A, B and D?

I am using Elasticsearch & Kibana 5.1.1


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Hi @maenu,

that is unfortunately not supported by Kibana's current authentication model. Many customers get around that by running multiple Kibana instances with separate Kibana indices (setting 'kibana.index`) backed by the same Elasticsearch cluster. Improving that, though, is definitely something we want to do in the future.

Hi @weltenwort
Thanks for your answer. I will try that workaround.


I have now set up 3 Kibana instances with separate Kibana indices and installed X-Pack plugin on all of them. All instances show the same users and roles in Kibana Management.

Is there a way I can set up separate users and roles per Kibana instance (without running multiple Elasticsearch instances)?


The users and roles that can be managed through Kibana are the users and roles in the Elasticsearch native realm, of which there is only one. I would recommend to create a separate role for each Kibana instance and limit its privileges to the corresponding Kibana index.

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