How can I do a full backup?

Hi everyone !!!
I use Elasticsearch 7.9.2, with Kibana and Beats, (lucene_version = 8.6.2) in a Linux server (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.4), with a single node.

I got help to make a full backup, but, if possible, don't use export/import snapshot feature.

There is a link to guide me, step by step, how to backup and restore later ?

Thank for all kind of help.
Best regards.

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A full backup of Elasticsearch uses snapshot and restore. You can manage this in Kibana too.

Thanks for your help.

I so insecure to do this. I tried this:
1 Select my principal SPACE name [PRD] and go to [Saved Objects]
2 There are 427 objects, select [Export 427 objects], and choose [Select all]
3 Saves a [.ndjson] file local
4 Creates a new SPACE name [PRD_BKP]
5 Import the [.ndjson] file local to [PRD_BKP]

OK there is not problem at all.
But, when I open some dashboard from [PRD_BKP] not even all my setup dashboards are OK.

What a do wrong so far ?

Are you talking specifically about exporting and restoring the Kibana objects, not a full Elasticsearch backup?

If some dashboards are not working, there should be errors?

Well... I think when I do the export/import and create the [.ndjson] file, all the index, roles, users, dash, security configuration... are coming.

Because of that I ask about a FULL BACKUP. I couldn't differentiate those concepts.
I only need create a file (or whatelse it possible) to got it all.
I think could be by command line on [DEV TOOLS] or even in the Linux console.

Sorry about my level on ES.

No, that is not the case. If you are exporting things from Kibana that is only the dashboards and visualisations, spaces and other Kibana specific information.
Elasticsearch stores the data, the security config etc.

OK Mark.

I want to thank you immensely for your patience with me.
I will try to reproduce according to the link you recommended and do the tests, to ensure the effectiveness. And if doesn't work, I will return here.

Thanks a lot for your guidance.
Best regards

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