How to discover the data Index Pattern .monitoring-es-*

(Lebnik) #1

How to discover the data Index Pattern .monitoring-es-*

(Peter Pisljar) #2

did you add an index pattern ? go to management->index patterns->create index pattern ...
after you created it you should be able to find it in discover (as well as visualize, .. )

(Lebnik) #3

Yes, look at that

(Peter Pisljar) #4

and you don't see your index in Discover ?

(Lebnik) #5

Yes it is

(Peter Pisljar) #6

click on the logstash-* (its a dropdown ..) and select the index you want

(Lebnik) #7

No, its not a dropdown. Click by logstash-* give nothing

(Peter Pisljar) #8

on the arrow next to it ?

(Lebnik) #9

Thank you, you opened my eyes ))

(system) #10

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