How to graph percentiles each starting from y=0


I am trying to graph percentiles of request duration (p=50 and p=99).
(Y-Axis -> Percentiles).

Right now it plots 99% percentile on top of 50% (so if 50% is 10ms and 99% is 50ms, then there will be two areas: 0<y<10 for 50% and 10<y<60 for 99%).

Is it possible to graph percentiles so that each area starts from y=0: 0<y<10 for 50% and 0<y<50 for 99%? So that each greater percentile "includes" all smaller?


Okay, I found this is the exact behaviour when I draw "Line Chart" instead of "Vertical Bar Chart".
The former displays values relative to y=0, the latter relative to previous value.

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