How to upgrade to kibana 8.3


i'm just saw on github that some new functionalities have been implemented to be able to use tags on agent and to sort them in fleet. This seems to be part of kibana 8.3.
I'm using elastic cloud trial at the moment and would like to know if it's possible to upgrade it to the last github commits ?
If not in the trial version, would it be possible in the paid version ?

We would like to deploy as soon as possible.


8.3 isn't released yet, it's still in development - features which are developed right now are tagged with 8.3 because they will be released with this version in the future, but that doesn't necessarily mean a version is released already. Once everything is ready you will be able to upgrade your cloud instance. There will be a notification here in the forum: Announcements - Discuss the Elastic Stack

Thank you :wink:

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