Importing dashboards to Kibana 6.1.1 from earlier versions


I tried to import a dashboard to kibana 6.1.1 from kibana 6.0.0.

This failed because kibana 6.1.1 had problems recognising keywords. E.g.

6.0.0 uses this type of format for the export file "field":"pilotName.keyword"

I manually edited the export file to use this format "field":"pilotName" ( so removing ".keyword" )

This seems to fix the problem and the dashboard imported successfully and seems to function properly.

I thought I'd report this as it appears to be a bug. It might also help someone else.

Other than that the installation of 6.1.1 is working very nicely thanks.

(David Snider (Kibana Design)) #2

Thanks for the report @garin. I'll pass it along to our team.

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