Index pattern to format a field

For my index, I have created an index pattern so that my ‘payment’ field will format as $0.00. However, when I display my payment value in a Metric widget in Canvas, the format is not honored. That is, the format is ignored.

Interestingly, I loaded the kibana_sample_data_ecommerce dataset and sample canvases, and it has the same issue. It’s ‘taxable_total_price’ field has a custom format defined in the index pattern, but when I use this field in the canvas, this custom formatting is ignored or not applied.

I must be missing something. Why are the custom formats defined in the index patterns not applied when the associated field is displayed in a csnvas?

@gbarnett Canvas does not use the index-pattern configuration of Kibana, as it is directly hitting the underlying indices with the SQL expressions.

I'd create an enhancement request for this

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