Installed Custom Plugin is not Active [Mac]

Hi Elastic team,
I am facing an issue with custom plugin.

I followed the below steps,

  1. I downloaded kibana-6.5.4-darwin-x86_64 package
  2. Then I installed enhanced-table Plugin
    Command Used:
    sudo ./kibana-plugin install
    Attempting to transfer from
    Transferring 37493 bytes....................
    Transfer complete
    Retrieving metadata from plugin archive
    Extracting plugin archive
    Extraction complete
    Optimizing and caching browser bundles...
    Plugin installation complete
  3. i am able to see this new plugin under plugins folder.

Issues here,

  1. Its not present in optimize/bundles/
  2. When i start Kibana, and check under status, Plugin is not there.

I retried by deleting kibana.* files under optimize/bundles/. I am still facing the same issue in Mac.
Please help.

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