Installing specific elasticsearch version in Homebrew - Mac OS

Hi all,

I'm having trouble in installing specific versions of elasticsearch in mac OS using Homebrew.

In Homebrew, I can only install the latest version which is available.
If I want to install a version eg: 7.13.2 , I'm not getting an option.

I tried

brew install elastic/tap/elasticsearch@7.13.2

But it does'nt work.

It says 'Did you mean elastic/tap/elasticsearch-full?'
If I say yes, it installs latest version.

Can anyone help me how to go about it?

Would something like this work?

brew tap elastic/tap
brew install elastic/tap/elasticsearch-full@7.13.2

I did not test it.

I tried it, but it is not working.

I tried to install an older version from command:

apple$ brew install elastic/tap/elasticsearch-full@7.13.2

However it returns an error:

==> Searching for similarly named formulae...
Error: No similarly named formulae found.
==> Searching for a previously deleted formula (in the last month)...
Error: No previously deleted formula found.

If I do:

brew search elasticsearch

It gives me existing versions in brew:

elastic/tap/elasticsearch-full ✔ elasticsearch@6
It says " did you mean any of above?"

So i was looking for a turnaround for this.

I have no idea. IMO the goal of brew is to keep up to date the software you are using.

For development, I'm using Docker. Could you use the same?