Integrations empty

version 8.11.3
running elk in closed network,the Integrations have nothing

kibana f12 showing

If your kibana does not have internet access, then this is expected, the integrations page get information directly from Elastic, also the integrations are downloaded from the internet.

You would need to host the Elastic Package Registry yourself according to this documentation.

I had read this document,is using Docker or proxy to build the repository the only way?

Yes, the Elastic Package Registry, which is used by the integrations page, is hosted by Elastic, if you are on an air-gapped environment you have two options:

  • Allow access to it using a Proxy
  • Self-host it yourself using docker.

thks for res. In addition, is that any way to download the package-registry-8.11.3.tar directly? too bad to pull images,always stop at this point, and I tried using CDN but still same

i have to give up this version,i can't download the package by docker.Which version can I choose to avoid dependence on the internet

None, all versions require internet access.

well,i use the /distribution:lite-8.11.3 which could be download successful,but isnt arm64,still can't run ...
I'll try version 7.11.x
thks for help

Not sure what you mean with this, but the version of the EPR needs to be the same of the rest of the stack.

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