Is a separate license required for co-ordinator node?

(R Shetty) #1


I have a doubt regarding the co-ordinating only node.
Is there a licensing requirement for setting up a Co-ordinator node? This node will be used for kibana load balancing only.

(Mark Walkom) #2

A license applies to the entire cluster.

Are you specifically asking about a license for a support agreement though?

(R Shetty) #3

Hi Mark,

In our cluster we have 4 data node, 3 master nodes.
We are setting up 2 kibana nodes, and for load balancing purpose we are setting up 2 co-ordinator instances on the Kibana nodes.

In this scenario as per my understanding, I need to buy 4(data)+3 (master) licenses only.
I wanted to know if I need to buy licenses for co-ordinator nodes also.

Do I need to buy additional licenses for support as well

(Mark Walkom) #4

You would be best off speaking to someone in our sales team, I don't know how that works sorry.

If you aren't in touch with anyone then drop me a PM with your details and I will get someone local to reach out.

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