Is Elast alert available for Elasticsearch 7.9.3?

We are using Elasticsearch with Basic license. Kibana Alerts / Watchers are not available for the Basic License. Ours is a completely open source project, and we are trying to achieve alerting with open source options available.
Will Elasticsearch 7.9 support for Elastalert, if so which version of Elastalert?


I would recommend you ask the Elastalert community.

Kibana Alerts is available with the Basic license. See Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic

You can use the index and log outputs for free.

Could you share the link to your project?

Hey David.

My bad, actually, we are exploring the options of webhook integrations to trigger alerts to another application.

When I say Project, it's offline, we do not have any code on Git. Atleast not yet.

Nevertheless, I was able to install the Docker image of elastalert from GitHub - jertel/elastalert2: ElastAlert 2 is a fork of the original yelp/elastalert project, which has been abandoned. Pull requests are appreciated!
And this works, for any future references.

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