Is it possible for kibana to start with blank page before selecting options in control

I ingested a couple of log files, and it gets populated on the "maps" visualization perfectly . however i wanted to know if its possible for kibana to start with no plots on the map and have it plot only when we choose an option from the control visualization.

There is no explicit option for this, however one trick you can use is to set a dummy filter on the dashboard for the field the control vis is going to set to a value that doesn't exist (like Forward Ip: not_set), then save the dashboard. The filter will become part of the dashboard, so if a user loads it it will be active, effectively filtering out all data. Once the user choses an actual ip, the dummy filter will be replaced and data will be shown.

Thanks @flash1293 , did you mean something like this ? use the filter on the dashboard ?

yes, exactly. You have to try it, but I believe you have to use the is operator for the filter, not the exists operator for this to work.

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