Is it possible to make snapshot of specific user's query result and dashboard?

I'm big fan of Elasticsearch and Kibana.

I found that I can add user to Kibana and add role to each user.

I have questions here.

  1. Is that user function is like give each user to different Kibana?
    For example, let's assume that there are user1 user2 and user3. Do they have different kibana so that they can have their own query result and dashboard to each user?
    So all users share same kibana? or each have different Kibana?

  2. Is it possible to backup(like snapshot) specific user's query result and dashboard?

Appreciate to your support.
Thank you.

By default all Kibana users share the same space, which means that they share access to dashboards. Different users might see different data in dashboards if you've assigned them different index-level, field-level, or document-level permissions. To give each user their own separate view, you should use spaces.

I don't understand the request about "backing up" a specific user's dashboard. We do offer a paid reporting feature, which supports automated reporting.

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