Is it possible to Snapshot ElasticSearch cluster on the Local Pc Machine

Hi i have been working on migrating elastic search cluster from one service to another.Experimenting snapshot elastic-search cluster for migration. Is it possible to snapshot elastic-search cluster on local pc machine. if it's possible, how?

I am assuming from question that your clusters are not running on the local PC machine. The Snapshot API would not really be the right tool for copying a remote cluster's data to the filesystem on your PC.

However, you may want to look into how to "reindex from remote". If you have enough disk and memory on your local PC, you could start a cluster on your PC and copy the remote cluster's indices over to it.

I am not sure which services you are using, but I would also consider looking at using a repository plugin to snapshot data to a cloud provider's storage repository, as a way of moving data from one cluster to the other.

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