Job Opportunity at Envato, Senior Engineer, Elasticsearch focus, Australia

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Enders and I work for a company called Envato. We're a global, online business and we're expanding our Australian based engineering team by adding a senior developer who is highly skilled in Elasticsearch.

I hope this is the right area to post this opportunity! Moderators, let me know if it should be posted elsewhere :wink:

In this role, you'll have a big impact across our business as you'll be working on the search and recommendation system for our largest business unit, Envato Market. You'll also contribute to discussions related to modernising our infrastructure and have the opportunity to mentor and collaborate with other team members.

To give you an understanding of the size of our business, there are around 600 Envato team members worldwide, with many based in Australia, and ten million community members across 200 countries! While Envato’s largest market is in the US, over two million people worldwide buy from Envato sites each year - there’s a purchase made every four seconds. Our sites operate to the tune of 25,000 requests per minute on average, serving up roughly 140 million pageviews per month. You can read more about our engineering team here.

We have lots of great perks, like remote working options, the ability to work and travel around the world for up to three months every year, flexible hours, social events, wellness programs, a focus on diversity and inclusion, and much more. We're open to sponsoring the right person, too!

If you're highly skilled in Elasticsearch and keen to work for us in Australia, either at our Melbourne head office or remotely, feel free to contact me at I'm very happy to have a confidential chat. Otherwise, you can apply directly here: Note: if you don't meet all the ad criteria, but are super strong in elasticsearch, I'd still love to hear from you.

I look forward to chatting with some of you soon! :slight_smile:

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