Kibana 6 URL Shortener extremely slow

When I go to share a visualisation in Kibana 6.0.0 and I click the "Short URL" button, it always takes around 20-30s to generate the short URL. In Kibana 5 it was fast and snappy, but now takes ages.

The rest of Kibana is responsive and quick, but this one particular thing is extremely slow. I can see the HTTP call to the /shorten endpoint and I can see it waiting up to 30 seconds for a response.

I've searched and haven't found anyone else with this problem. Any idea why this might be taking so long?

There's 2 options for Sharing (on a Dashboard); Embedded iFrame and Link. I just tried them both on a 6.0.0 Kibana on our Cloud platform and they both completed in less than 1 sec.

Can you take a look and see if there's any logging on either Kibana or Elasticsearch that might indicate what's happening?

You could enable the slow log on the .kibana index in your elasticsearch.

I'll keep thinking about it and ask other developers if they can think of any reason this could happen.


I would also recommend checking to see what the refresh interval is for the Kibana index.


Specifically index.refresh_interval. This should either not be defined or 1 (which is default). My guess is it could be set, possibly by an index template to something high, like 30 seconds.

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I suspect that you are correct. I will try altering this after the weekend. Thank you very much for your suggestion.

You were correct - it was the refresh interval set at 30s. Set to 1s and now fast and snappy. Thank you so much for your help!

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