Kibana 7.10.0 pageNavigation style

Using kibana 7.10.0 with elasticsearch 7.10.0.
Switching from modern mode (menu) to legacy mode(buttons)  in advanced settings: pageNavigation style not working

Modern mode is always displayed.

Could you add more information about the problem and also steps to reproduce it please?


Using kibana 7.10.0
Go to Stack Manangement/Advanced Settings
Choose Side Nav Style menu pageNavigation
Choose legacy

But left side menu turns not to buttons list as for 7.9.1 kibana version

@Rollup_eval we did remove that setting on 7.10.0( but we introduced a bug by not removing the feature toggle ([Core] remove unused "pageNavigation" setting by restrry · Pull Request #89160 · elastic/kibana · GitHub) until 7.12.0. We will make sure we fix this by 7.11.0.

Thank' for your reply, it is clear.
but on my opinion buttons was more usefull than menu list
Is there another way to change navigation side to buttons ?

I believe it is not, at least an easy one without having to highly change the code because we moved away from it.

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