Kibana does not load indices from the elasticsearch hosted in different node

(Vishnu Govindaraj) #1

When i installed Kibana, it was configured to elasticsearch hosted in the same host. When i changed the config.ym file to point it elasticseach hosted in a different host, the indices are not getting loaded in kibana.

(Khalah Jones Golden) #2

sounds like a cors problem what version of es and kibana? do you get any errors or does it fail silently?

(Vishnu Govindaraj) #3

I am not getting any errors.
Even after changing the es url in yml file, the indices in local host is still loading in the Kibana settings.
When i give indices from the es which i configured in yml, it says unable to fetch index.

es version :2.2.0
kibana : 4.4.1

(system) #4