Kibana drill down fields


I have some logs like this:

country = France, city = Paris, value = 6
country = France, city = Marseille, value = 2
country = Italy, city = Roma, value = 8

In a Kibana dashboards, I can display the countries and sum their values.

But how can I create a drill down (as there is Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, ...) to change the view from "country" to "city"?


PS: an example from Data Studio: Drill down into your data - Data Studio Help

Hi @bianca6 ,

Kibana has a drill down functionality that makes dashboard intractable.

You did not specify your Stack version, so I'm not able to confirm if it is supported.

Still there are multiple ways to achieve your goal on older stack versions, e.g. using filters or for example creating a complex pie chart splitting it by country and city, or create 2 pie charts

Let me know if I that helps you.

Regards, Dima

I'm using with version 8.0.0

And this is not what I meant by "drill down", on your link, the first part is a filter on "US" and the second one is an URL.

I'm looking for something as a group by, which drill down the data (there are different levels as country and city)

@devon.thomson can we please get some inputs here? I think input control is the way to go?


Hey @bianca6, from what I've seen in the Data Studio Help link, this looks like a feature request for a new type of drilldown.

Basically, this looks like an in-place chart-swap drilldown. On click, a new chart is rendered, replacing the last chart, in the same place on the dashboard. This new chart is filtered by the value you clicked, and contains a different x and y axis.

If this is close to what you're requesting, I can log an enhancement request!

This doesn't quite suit your ask, but as a workaround you can configure Lens charts to show a bar for the country, broken down by the cities within.

Quite like this yes, not really a "filter on the value you clicked", in other words we can say it's a "zoom".

Like on the same graph, I can zoom out to see the value per "continent", zoom in to see the value per "country" and zoom one more time for "city" without filter on a specific continent / country / city.

Behind is something like a "group by" which change the main field (continent/country/city) and keep all the others fields (values, timestamp, ...).

Thanks for all your answers :slight_smile:

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