Kibana index is not found

I have Elasticsearch cluster in production set by another person. I need to be able to find and store kibana index. However when I list all the indeces (xxx:9200/_cat/indices) Kibana related is not there. Is there a setting done somewhere in config file that can point me where the Kibana index is located. Many thanks

Hi @not_correct ,

Could you clarify what kind of index you are talking about?

Is it a system .kibana index? What version of stack you are using and did you run Kibana as well?

Regards, Dima

Hi @Dzmitry ,

Thank you for your reply.
My Kibana is not working with the Elasticsearch because of the version mismatch. However Kibana dashboard contains some important queries that I would like to store. Kibana is unavailable. I know that kibana dashboard is stored as ES index kibana-int. But unfortunately I cannot find this one by calling _cat/indices . I am trying to find any other way to recover the dashboard.

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