Kibana Multitenancy

Hi, we have Kibana Standard distribution hosted locally with elasticsearch service hosted on elastic cloud. Also we are using Auth0 as Identity Provider with SAML.
Now, we have created roles and role-mappings according to users logging in, so that they have access to separate indices. Now what we want to achieve is -

  1. Set up landing page as default dashboard. But it should show data according to index permitted to logged in user.
  2. User from other role mapping should not see index patterns, visualizations, reports or dashboards from other users.
    How to achieve this?
    We have set
    <kibana.defaultAppId: "dashboard/"/>
    But it obviously shows same dashboard for all users and shows "No Results Found" for those who does not have permission to that specific index with which the visualizations in dashboard were built.

Are the indices of the same structure? If so you could create an index pattern of all the indices and use that to populate the visualizations. That might work, not 100% sure if it would or if it fits your use case

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