Kibana reports (PDF and charts)

i ma using kibana to visualize my data (logs and text extracted from images and pdf) but now i want to generate tables in pdf or csv, and generate graphcic sharts that are cutomized, is there any tutorial to do that because i foud that there is only agregation and count but i want to diplay the different fileds of my index in a table and export it in pdf, the same things for sharts (pie, histogram)

I don't think there is an easy way to do this yet. The .kibana system index stores all information about index patterns and saved visualizations, but the fields and types are stored in nested fields. Kibana currently does not have support for nested fields.

is it possible to create sharts in visualisation menu in kibana without using count and agregation, i want to diplay only columns that are intersant (name, date ..) in the sharts but no count, is this possible

Kibana visualizations are designed to use aggregations. However, it is possible to create a Saved Search in Discover and export single documents to CSV.

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yes i know that but i want to generate sharts and tables (using only comuln selection not count or sum ..) i want just to diplay some columns without count

You cannot do that.

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