Kibana run very slow in mozilla firefox


Im try install kibana in production environment, with 3 node elasticsearch. 1 master and 2 datanode.
but when im running kibana in mozilla firefox, its running very slow.
how kibana running very slow in mozilla firefox?
because in prod environment, the browser option is just mozilla firefox.
not allowed using any other browser


What version of Kibana?
What version of Firefox?

What do you mean by slow?

##What version of Kibana?
version of kibana 7.9.1

##What version of Firefox?
version of firefox 52.7.0-1

##What do you mean by slow?
i mean when i scroll down or up its running very slow and lagging.
and when i click one of menu in kibana its take about 2 to 3 minutes to load the page.
i guess this because memory in server is dont have more space.
but when i check the memory server, its have 10GB+ free space.

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