Lab Autocomplete Missing Required Fields

Course: Elastic Certified Engineer
Version: 8.10

I was directed here by the general support folks for a potential instructor review.
I’m working my way through 3.3 and noticed that there were several autocomplete items missing according to the documentation and reviewing the solution. Is this expected?

Lab screenshot:
Lab Autocomplete

Documentation link w/ body fields:
[Search template API | Elasticsearch Guide [8.10] | Elastic]

Hello Matt,

It looks like this is an issue from Kibana. You can still use parameters that don't show on the autocomplete.

By the way, you're sending a link to the latest release of Elasticsearch, the Elastic Certified Engineer is on a previous version so small differences can exist (not for your example though)

I hope it helps,


Thanks for the reply and info. Would I be correct in assuming a GitHub issue is the best place for filing bug reports such as this?

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