Manage indexes

(Nour Ben Amor) #1

Hello everyone,
I wana ask if i could manage indexes :
i mean if i have 2 kibana one run on the "http://localhost:5601/" and the other on the "http://localhost:5602/" and the two use the same elasticsearch .
My question here :
Could i limit the first user so he never see the indexes created by the other user ?
Is it possible to manage visiblity of indexes ?

Please help .

(David Pilato) #2

Sounds like something you can do with x-pack security feature. (Commercial license)

(Nour Ben Amor) #3

Thank you for the quick request!
Yes i know elastic stack extension "x-pack"
But are they another solution because i have to do that for my final academic project and i have to use a free solution

Any ideas?

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