Marvel in ES 2.4.2 and kibana 4.6.3 does not show any rates on the dashboard




I've installed marvel-agent in ES 2.4.2 and marvel in kibana 4.6.3. All configs are left to the defaults except elasticsearch.url.

The indices get created (.marvel-es-1-YYYY.MM.DD) and are filled, but the marvel dashboard shows a dead cluster:

Why are no rates displayed?


(Bohyun Kim) #2

Hi Edi,

Are you expecting to see any search activity in the last 1 hour (as you have chosen above)? If not, could you change the time picker (e.g. to last 24 hours) on the top right corner to see if you still don't see changes on the charts?



Hi Bohyn,

yes, I'd expect search activity, and nothings changes when I chnage the time picker.
And there is definitely indexing activity, because the cluster takes all our log data...

Thanks for you reply,

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