One user can delete other users dashboard, visualizations, graphs and index patterns. I want to avoid this, so that one user can only delete its own created stuff

We have created multiple users for Kibana and we have given access of ALL for our dashboards, graphs, index patterns and visualizations. The problem is that one user can also delete other users created dashboards, graphs, index patters and visualization.Is there any way so that one user can not delete other users dashboards, graphs, index patterns and visualizations. If its not possible then how can we refrain one user to don't delete other user's created stuff (dashboard, visualization, save objects) ?

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The recommended way to handle these situations is to create separate spaces (one per user, plus maybe a shared playground) that will restrict users not in the space from manipulating other users' work. You can read more about using spaces here. Please note that the link refers to the current master branch in Kibana. You may need to change to the relevant documentation for the branch/release you are working with.

I have created two spaces in two roles and two users. Now one user can't see another user's stuff.
what i want is that one user should be able to read other users stuff but should not be able to delete their stuff, though he can delete his own stuff.
If this is possible then how can we do that?

Looking forward to your quick response.

For users to see shared items, these items will need to be in the 'playground' space. You can then create read only roles for the shared space. Each users' items can be copied to the shared space.
Please note that assigning multiple roles to a user does have some tricky aspects.
I hope that helps!

The point you raised about 'playground' space is considered as shared space. The following issue is open in github.

Yes, copies are direct copies of the item at the time of copying it to another space. It will be the responsibility of a user who modifies an item to update the copy in the shared space. While I guess this isn't the desired behavior in some situations, it does provide a mechanism to allow viewing items in different spaces.

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