Override RED cluster status messages

I opened up Kibana today and was greeted with a red cluster state.

Not the end of the world, I can fix that. So I click on Dev Tools (Formerly Sense) to run some commands to see what is wrong. However Dev Tools throws the same message screen! And there doesn't seem to be a way around it.

Is there any way to override the Status Breakdown screen, at least to get to dev tools? There isn't a "Click to Procede" button that I can click to move on through. I can go use CURL commands to check the status of the cluster, but I would much rather use dev tools. The formatting and auto-completion tends to make things faster and easier.


If the main ES is red, then the correct behavior would be for plugins to properly track their dependencies, so even Console wouldn't work if the main ES plugin goes red, but if the main ES plugin is green, Console should be available.

There is no option of "click to proceed" although the status is red. Kibana will block on the status page when any plugin is red because it has no possible way of knowing the effect a "red" plugin would have on Kibana itself. Since we don't know what ill-effects a user might experience in that situation, the only safe option is to disable access to Kibana entirely.

For example, imagine if the security plugin in x-pack was failing in such a way that there was no actual security at all. If we were to allow access to Kibana even though the security plugin was correctly marked as "red", then we'd essentially be opening up your entire Elasticsearch cluster to anyone with access to Kibana.
I hope this is clear explanation. Plz revert if you have more questions.


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