Permalink - snapshot und saved-search reference


shouldn't the snapshot share links be independent from the saved search? This works for the changes on the saved search, but not if the saved search was deleted. The error message in this case is

"Saved object is missing, Could not locate that search (id: 41678a00-35ec-11ea-9b4e-19c48aaf7a7d)"

However, if i delete the saved search ID from the snapshot URL, the search is loading as expected. Is this a bug or a feature?

Tested with Kibana 6.8 and 7.5.1.

If you have a new and unsaved visualization that use the snapshot link, that link is pretty much equal to the link in the URL. If you save that visualization and then create a snapshot link, the new snapshot link will be a reference to the initial object + the changes made on top of them. Hence, if you delete the object, the snapshot link from the second case won't work any more.

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