Plot using predefined colors and icons


Can Kibana plot using predefined colors? And icons?

A simple example:

Let's say each document (fruits in this example) for every date has a state from a known set: 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4.

|apple| 2018-07-01| 0|
|apple| 2018-07-02| 1|
|apple| 2018-07-03| 0|
|pear| 2018-07-01| 0|
|pear| 2018-07-02| 3|
|pear| 2018-07-03| 1|
|banana| 2018-07-01| 4|
|banana| 2018-07-02| 2|
|banana| 2018-07-03| 0|

Now I want a timeline displaying the different states as different colors. For instance, if I look at the apple for July, it will show, horizontally, as perhaps filled circles of blue, red, blue (for 0, 1, 0). This is somewhat like the heatmap visualization do, but still it's not exactly. This is predefined colors for exact values.

Additionally, ideally the representation would be done with small icons like filled circles, triangles and squares too, since this help people with color vision defects. Is this at all possible?

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Hi there, this isn't currently possible, but we have an issue open for a similar feature. Could you please add a comment there explaining your use case as you did here?



Thanks for you response, CJ. However, I actually do not see the similarity :slight_smile:

What I'm talking about is plotting exact values, something like what's discussed here:

Or imagine visualizing the daily defcon of NORAD.

It's a predefined set of values. No ranges. No fractions.

The actual use case for me is test results, where every test is run once every day. They could be 0 (pass), 1 (fail), 2 (invalid), 3 (skipped) etc. Creating something similar with Kibana now will result in vertical bars for the values (0, 1, 2 etc), which is not a useful visualization. Instead of vertical bars of different heights representing each value, I'd like to choose a specific color for each value (in its simplest form, image vertical bars of the same height but in different colors).

A choice of icons, different shapes, is also relevant, like a filled circle or triangle, to make the visualization crystal clear. Imagine a chart using only circles; I think it would be useful only when you have two or perhaps three different values (i.e. colors) in your data. If more than that, you're really helped by different shapes.

I haven't been able to find a feature request for this (but as it seems it has been discussed for two or maybe three years even). Can you confirm this?

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Ah, I understand. Thanks for clarifying! I looked through the issues and haven't been able to find a feature request for this either, so if you would create one we would appreciate it.



Thanks. Done (#20976).

Although, I found that Vega has support for this. By changing a few things in this example I could create what I needed quite easily:

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