Restore/load data directory into Kibana

Hi all,
I've got a shared "data" elasticsearch directory (nodes/0/indices/....)
I was wondering how can I load the data saved inside into my Kibana instance ?
Does it contain data+visualizations ?
Thanks a lot in advance


Kibana's saved state is stored in a system index called .kibana.

The best thing to do I think would be to use the import/export functionality. That will allow you to export and import all relevant Kibana artefacts, like index patterns, saved searches, visualizations, dashboards, etc... See for details.

Hi @thomasneirynck and thanks for answering
Sorry for the late reply I've been away from my emails for the weekend

Is this index .kibana stored somewhere in my dir "/data" ? I'm aware about this import/export functionality but I don't have the Kibana instance running anymore so the main idea here is how to "plug" this /data directory to a new Kibana instance if possible. Got a lot of data/vizu saved within


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