Run Graph and marvel in elasticsearch 2.4

I installed both marvel and graph in elasticsearch&kibana. The I downloaded the free license for marvel and that works, but I cannot get graph to work, it just keeps showing an red "unauthorized" bar at the top.

Hey @Jake_Burns, if you downloaded the Basic License here, then that only includes the "Basic License" capabilities of the Marvel product. It doesn't include trials of the other commercial software. If you want to try out Graph or the other commercial products, you can just fill out or send an e-mail to info at and they can get you set up pretty much immediately with a trial for the commercial products.

A breakdown of what's included in various subscription levels, including the core open-source and Basic licenses can be found here.

Hey Shane,

Yesterday, I filled out the form at the link you sent and I still haven't
heard back from anyone. I have also written and haven't
heard back either... :frowning:


Hey, sorry about this Jake. I reached out to the team and they should fix things shortly if they haven't already. If you still don't have anything soon, ping me in a PM.