Running Kibana 4.2 as client

(Dhivakar Asokan) #1

Till Kibana 4.1.6 I was able to run Kibana as a static version by running the src->public folder in my tomcat and making few changes in index.js

But I am not able to do it after 4.2 Release since I am not able to find the index.html every other components have .js files from angular

Any leads??

(Khalah Jones Golden) #2

We have changed how kibana runs, so that way it is more consistent with the rest of the elastic stack. It is now run via ./bin/kibana

(Dhivakar Asokan) #3

Thanks for the reply Khalah.
In Kibana 4.1.6 I can run as a client it in a tomcat server with the src/public folder. But is that possible in the newer versions (after 4.2)?

(system) #4