Selecting Multiple Entries in Controls Visualization

Hello Everyone,
I am creating a control visualization by which I can select more than 300 entries. Is there a "Select All" option in Controls? When I want to select them one by one after 6 to 7 entries the dashboard page get refreshed automatically. Is there any way to select all?
The Kibana Version which I am using is : 7.9.1
Elastic version : 7.9.1

Please let me know.

you can't select all at once, but you could set your control visualization to not autoupdate, so you could select all the items you want then click apply.

That is disappointing.. Hope Elastic develops that feature in future.. But I tried to switch off the auto refresh and selected 300 devices, but after hitting the apply button it should me this error.

## The URL for this object is too long, and we can't display it

Things to try:
**** Enable the state:storeInSessionStorage option in Advanced Settings.***
**** Simplify the object you are editing by removing content or filters.***

Is there any way to avoid this?

You can go to advanced setting (management->kibana advanced settings) and enable storeinSessionStorage flag. This should make it work.

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