Simulate Kibana through a node.js client


I was digging into to see if I can provide more information when I stumbled upon the following question on Stack Overflow:

This seemed similar to the issue I have and seems to point at node.js being the culprit instead of Angular as I first suspected.

I wanted to do the following using elasticsearch.js.
I set up a node.js release 6.12.2 and did an npm install of the 14.2.1 release of elasticsearch.js, but I couldn't reproduce the issue, as the answer isn't cropped...

So, I have a few questions, to be sure I am doing things correctly:

  • Is it the right tool to do such a simulation? So far I couldn't reproduce the issue.
  • I want to simulate both my current version (6.2.4) and the next major version (6.3.0), how can I find out which node.js is being used by Kibana for those releases? I've been referencing the .node-version history to get as much an accurate version number as I can.
  • How can I be sure to use the correct node.js version while using elasticsearch.js? As before I have been referring to .node-version, but also to package.json for the release of elasticsearch.js to use.


Added some information

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