Timelion issue

I had faced the condition as below:

ABC recorded as 248 and XYZ recorded as 223 in Timelion on 19th April 2019 by setting the interval as 1 day.

The value of ABC and XYZ recorded different value when visualize in Metric by setting the time range as 19April. I only able to get the ABC as 248 and XYZ as 223 on 20 April in Metric. Also, I have calculated manually from the document, the amount of ABC and XYZ is same as the amount that shows in metrics.

In fact, ABC and XYZ should recorded as 248 and 223 on 20 April but these value shows on 19 April in Timelion.

Kindly advise on this.
Thank you.

Hey @June
Thanks for reaching us. I'm not completely sure that I've understood correctly the problem, could you please share two screenshot where you see this behaviour?
Could you also check and share your current local timezone and the one configured under Management-> advanced settings?

Hi @markov00, Thanks for replying.

The table below shows the data obtained by using Timelion and metric.

Figure below shows the screenshot of Timelion (19th April)

Figure below shows the screenshot of Metric visualization for abc & xyz (19th April)

The screenshot of the configured under management -->advanced setting

Thank you.

Hey @June I think it's a bug, I can see a similar issue locally using the UTC timezone (I'm locally in +2 CEST) and I can see the that between that the cursor is actually applying the same value on the intersection between the UTC timezone time and the CEST timezone

I think it can be part of this issue: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/12678

Can you please specify me your current local timezone? I want to to check that behaviour locally and see if I can reproduce it

And yes, there is also a wrong alignment on the cursor, specially on your case where you are hovering over a set of bars that are on the 1606 value range, but the cursors refers to the bars that are on the 228 value range.
In the meantime, as workaround, I think you can easily switch to the standard bar-chart or to the TSVB(Time Series Visual Builder) for the type of chart you are currently drawing.

Hi @markov00, Thank you for the reply.
Timezone : UTC+8.


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