Unable to browse Indexes with time-based events in Kibana


I installed version 5.1.2 of ELK stack and strictly following


I successfully loaded sample data into elasticsearch and defined index patterns.

Now I am stuck at "Discovering your data" step: if I choose "ba*" or "shake*" index patterns at Discovery tab, it displays index data (as expected). If I choose "logstash-*" index pattern, it says "No results found".

I tried to create "log*" index pattern with " Index contains time-based events" unchecked, and at Discovery page I can see logstash-* index data.
The problem arise when I define index pattern with "Index contains time-based events" checked.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance!

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Okay, found the solution:

It was not obvious (to me :slight_smile: and probably worth mentioning in Tutorial too.

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