Unique Elasticsearch for different Kibana

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Hi all and thanks in advance for the help,

Currently, I already have 3 independent logstash providing data from databases to 3 elasticsearch, each connected to one kibana
Every time I want to add a new user, I'm adding a new independent ELK process (new logstash to a new elasticsearch to a new kibana).
Every users have an access to his kibana to visualize his own data and only his own.
But what and how can I do if I want my own "super kibana" marging all the data from all the elasticsearch nodes to visualize the global users' data ?

I don't know if it's possible, but example, I would need to configure every elasticsearch nodes to listen to a second port and my "super kibana" to bring data from all of those second open ports. (did not find anything like that on the web)

Another solution would be to create my own "super elasticsearch node" and configure all the logstash components to provide data to this new elasticsearch node too. With this solution, I'm a bit afraid about the latency impact

Of course if you have any additional solution to discuss about, feel free haha

Many thanks again for the help

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Why don't you configure cross-cluster search?

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It seems to be exactly what I need !
I will try to use it and come back here if needed !
Many thanks

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