Uptime donut visualization monitor in canvas

I want to retrieve something like we have in Uptime screen:
Captura de pantalla 2022-05-24 154121

I want to replicate in canvas in something like a wheel progress chart.
I'm thinking firstly with 3 querys in the expression editor:

based on the image:
1 query to count the monitor.id we have 39 monitors
2 query to count the monitor.status when is 'up' we have 36
3 query to count the monitor.status when is 'down' we have 3

then construct in the expressino editor the query to get the percentage based on some variables
but is there a query expression that i missing? because when i get the percentage manually i get the correct percentage according to the image attached, but when i get those querys i get distinct numbers in the event of the monitor.status 'down' and 'up'. There is a discrapance between the monitor.status querys and the numbers in the image from the uptime screen

Any ideas? or other way to get this in canvas?

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