Url not found

Forgive me as I am not familiar with the expected behavior but when I try to open the url within a browser

The requested URL /arcGIS/services/USGSTopo/MapServer/WMSServer was not found on this server.


Are you seeing this within Kibana or are you attempting to navigate to the URL?

Navigate to the URL using a browser.


I don't believe that URL is something you should be able to view in the browser. It's the basis of a map server API. Is there a reason you are trying to open it in a browser?

Hi. I suspect you are indeed correct. I am debugging a visualisation on Kibana. For some reason I am unable to find any geo_points in my data. I started testing for the obvious first hence my assumption that the URL had changed. I will close the issue and research on the geo_point issue.

Many thanks


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