Visual Builder default index

Does anyone know what to change the default index in visual builder from '*' to something more restrained. We are having problems every time we try to create a new visualization with it, as it try to read all the indices.

Thanks for your help,

I believe that if you set a default index pattern in Kibana, that's what will be used inside visual builder. Is that not what you're observing?

Hi Lukas,
thanks for the reply. However, that isn't it, as we already have a default index pattern, that is not '*'.

The 'solution' I came up with was to avoid creating a new Visual Builder by using an already existing, empty, visualization of the Visual Builder type with a default index different than '*'. Then you can "Save As" with the new name for your visualization.

I hope that they'll eventually add the default property into some configuration space.

Once again thanks for the interest

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