X-Pack Monitoring - Feature to be able to search all clusters for a given node name

Within Kibana, on the Monitoring page when viewing the list of Clusters being monitored, there is a Filter bar for being able to filter by Cluster name. It would be a great feature if this filter would also search the list of node names from each cluster so that you could easily find the cluster where a node exists.

We have alerting set up to notify us when various nodes are outside of some bounds, yet the Cluster name is not always available in the data to be able to easily inform a support personnel as to where that node can be found for further investigation.

If the Filter were able to search node names, we could just instruct them to enter that into the Filter and it would automatically filter down to the Cluster where that node exists.

Wanted to open up this discussion here before submitting a feature request on github.. any thoughts?

Hi @AndrewMcQ!

That sounds reasonable to me. Feel free to open an enhancement request on GitHub.


Thanks Lukas - Would this be in the Kibana repo?

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