X-Pack: Report generation PNG layout


I'm using Kibana 6.6.0 and the PNG reporting functionnality.
It's working but i would like to know if it's possible to set the layout dimensions in the job parameters ?


Hi there! Thanks for posting your question on the forums. There's no officially supported way to do this. Would you mind submitting a feature request to add one?

However, there is an unoffical way to maybe do this, which you could try out but I can't guarantee it will work. You could try going into kibama.yml and setting these settings which I think will hardcode new dimensions for the PNG report:

xpack.reporting.capture.viewport.width: 500
xpack.reporting.capture.viewport.height: 2500

Just a warning: this isn't documented so I'm not entirely sure what this will do, or if it will even work.

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